How to Import Demo Data Mannually

1.Go to Appearance > Import Demo Data

1. Go to Appearance >Themes

3. Now, Choose File form Theme file > inc Folder > ocdi > demo Files >

  • angel-wp.xml
  • angel-wp-widgets.wie
  • angel-customizer-export.dat

(note: see file extention & choose file carefully)

4.  click Import button to start importation of the demo website.

5. Please wait until the demo data is imported properly because it may take a while.

6. And finally when demo data importation is finished successfully, you will see a confirmation message.

How to Update Theme

1. Go to Appearance > Themes

2. Click Activate Button >Twenty Twenty Theme

3. Click Theme Details

4. Delete the angel Parent Theme, Not the angel-child Theme.

5. Next, Click Upload Theme to upload the latest version of the Theme file.

6. Now, click Choose File and Pick the angel-wp.zip file from your PC to upload it.

7. When the angel-wp.zip file is uploaded and installed completely you will see “Theme installed successfully” message. But you should not activate this one, because when Angel theme will be updated to a later version all modification you have made directly in the Angel theme will be lost. Hence, we suggest you to install and activate the Angel Child theme we provide for your convenience.

8. Finally, Click Activate Button to activate the Child theme.

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